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What is evault?

SEBI in a bid to strengthen the Industry standards has prescribed various measures. One among them is maintenance of soft data of physical ROM master, dividend and related transactions history etc., by the Issuer Companies besides RTA, which was earlier not available. RTAs are required to forward various soft copies of the data to the Issuer companies at regular intervals of time and Issuer companies are required to maintain the same permanently or as per number of years prescribed by SEBI.


List of records/soft files to be maintained by Issuer Company

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Master data of dividend, reconciliation files, paid and unpaid details with reconciliation and reissue data of dividends for a period of 8 years. Initially data needs to be preserved every fortnightly till expiry of validity period of the instruments and thereafter every quarter for next 8 years.

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Soft copy of the Members data with transactions every quarter permanently till the life of company.

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Soft copy of the List of Numbers with transactions every quarter permanently.

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List of folio data not holding PAN/Bank details and changes therein every quarter permanently.

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Reconciliation report of the stationery including blank share certificate details and reissued/cancelled data details per quarter permanently.

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Register of records and documents destroyed immediately after the process permanently.

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Annual Returns filed with ROC permanently.

Data transfer & storage option

In order to combat and support such data transfer and storage option for the companies, KFintech facilitated E-Vault wherein the various folders are created, and files are uploaded to preserve it permanently. Data can be accessed by companies with exclusive access credentials.


Annual Basis

The data is very much safe and regularly upload new files/transactions on quarterly /annual basis.

Data security

Data security is ensured as the entire systems are covered under data security policy as per the SEBI regulations.

Ensured possibilities

Possibility of files getting corrupted is eliminated and continuity of data access visibility etc., are ensured.

Exclusive access credentials

Hassles of storage, continuity and retrievals etc., are eliminated. The data can be accessed through front end Karisma with exclusive access credentials and has read only option.


Free from the files handover process at regular intervals and the data updation in the folders are taken care by the RTA.

Software Updates

Software version updates, access security, data security and other security fire walls are taken care by the RTA.

Data Stored in eVault

Register of Members

  • Register of Members
  • Annual Returns File with ROC
  • Not having PAN/Bank Details


  • Dividend Reconciliation Master
  • Dividend Master
  • Dividend Reissue Master


  • ROM Transactions during the period


  • Reconciliation Report of Certificates
  • Register of records and documents destroyed


  • Clause 5A
  • IEPF Shares

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